Disability and Wellness Laboratory (DWELL) - maroon and gold banner

Welcome to the Disability and WELLness (DWELL) Laboratory! Our mission is to transform the role of rehabilitation in health promotion among adults with stroke-related disability. We accomplish this by partnering with members of the stroke community to design and test innovative interventions that leverage personally meaningful daily activities to promote health. 

Maintaining physically active and socially engaged lifestyles are particularly important for health for people with disability related to chronic stroke and other neurological conditions. Behavioral, interpersonal, and societal factors interact to impact engagement (or re-engagement) in the meaningful daily activities that make up physically active and socially engaged lifestyles after stroke. See the current projects and our work pages to learn more about how we are advancing this work in the (1) behavioral, (2) interpersonal, and (3) societal realm. 

Students interested in gaining research experience in the DWELL Laboratory may contact Dr. Kringle. All other laboratory inquiries may be directed to the DWELL Laboratory Research Coordinator.